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China lithium battery industry market status and development
Anhui Liba Power Lithium Battery Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2009,is specialized in lithium-ion power battery R&D and production of high-tech new energy company.With independent intellectyal property rights core technology,after more than 10 years of training and innovation,it has been created ono-combustion,non-explosion,high discharge ratio,long cycle life of lithium battery.Liba' s"Jian Yuan" brand lithium battery is mainly used in various new energy electric vehicles.Currently,it is not only for many well-known domestic car enterprises, butalso gradually improve the national sales network ,while exported to the world's 15countries,with many new and regular clients over the years of practical application,Jian Yuan brand lithium battery has been recognized and praised by users,and have a heightened reputation and influence in the domestic and foreign markets.
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